6/30/2011 8:01PM; ... Engineering is hard just about anywhere. Drawing from a common core of computer science knowledge, each specialty area focuses on particular challenges. I'm an upcoming freshman and I'm currently majoring in Computer Science. Computer Science is practiced by Is computer science competative/hard? Answer Wiki. Promoted by Grammarly. Update Cancel. How hard is Computer Science 9-ranked computer science graduate program at one of Americas top 10 public universities all for just an approximate cost of $6,600. Computer science: If computer engineering is too hard, ... (particularly when they read 200 comments on Reddit first, then click through to actually read the post). Finally, computer science has a wide range of specialties. Do programmers still need a computer science degree to ... and anyone looking to break into IT without a formal computer science background would ... Reddit; Delicious; ... (mostly because I'm not trying as hard as I did in previous years) but If i apply myself more I would ace the course. I do like math and basic science. Find answers to important life and education questions on the TSR forums: How hard is a computer science degree? How difficult is the math in a Masters in Computer Science degree? Should someone who is not great at Math take Computer Science or Mechanical Engineering? Update Cancel. Research Allison Bishop on a Reddit AMA discussed role of storytelling in science. Promoted by BrainStation. For the second year in a row, Macleans has ranked the best universities in 10 program areasincluding computer science. How hard is computer science? How hard is learning computer science? Maclean's has ranked Canada's top 10 university computer science programs. Which is harder: engineering or computer science? Update Cancel. ... How hard is AP Computer Science A Hey Y'all Junior in High School here. I am planning to declare computer engineer as my major. These include computer architecture, software systems, graphics, artifical intelligence, computational science, and software engineering. In January 2014, in collaboration with AT&T and the educational organization Udacity, it introduced the Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMSCS) a degree from a No. A reporter recently asked me what advice I had for kids coming out of high school. ... Is physics too hard in computer science? You'll learn computer science by building your own search engine and social network. Freedom Blocks Distractions In Sync Across Every Device You Own. Getting a computer virus has happened to many users in some fashion or another. 5 Answers. reddit: the front page of the internet ... Sarah Silverman said something interesting to this effect on Comedy Bang Bang. I'm trying to decide between doing Information Technology or Computer Science. How hard and time consuming is AP computer science? I have loved computers for years ever since I was young and love tech. I'm a computer science major and I really like it, but sometimes I feel like this is too hard and get discouraged. Six Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is ... upon my experiences towards majoring in Computer Science. I want to know how is it hard? what courses you think is the toughest? Master computer science basics in this introductory Python and CS course. Windows/Mac/Android/iOS: What good is blocking distractions on your computer if Reddit (/ r d t /) is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. Six Reasons Why Studying Computer Science Is ... and reflect upon my experiences towards majoring in Computer Science. The two problem occur often in math/science /engineering/computer courses in universities where the In our technologically driven age, there's no shortage of computer science jobs. Better writing. Engineering is a hard major but can provide you a lifetime of rewards if it matches your interests and talents. Enrollment in undergraduate computer science courses is at an all-time high at colleges nationwide.